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Is there something you've always wanted to Ask Kellie? Here's your chance! Use the Ask Kellie page to submit your questions and once a month several questions will be pulled and answered!


  1. 2-13-2013

    Hey Kellie, First Congrats on the new website! Love watching you and Jaleel do your thing. My favorite screen was your birthday and Stepfan and you danced to Babyface “this is for the cool” – they didn’t replay that one often.

  2. 2-13-2013

    I love everything you do. Lots of kisses from your fan from Senegal

  3. 2-13-2013

    I think you are beautiful and have a beautiful family

  4. 2-21-2013

    Loved you on Family Matters and now you have your own beautiful family!! Can’t wait to see you in new projects.

  5. 2-22-2013

    Hello Laura my pet ! Love you & your website. Haha just another childhood crush and a BIG fan of yours (:

  6. 3-6-2013

    Hey Ms Kellie, I didn’t know you lived in the DMV, well as I said before I wish you luck in your future endevors, by the way I assume you were for the Ravens RIGHT? 😉

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